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After completing the assessment of readiness for migration to the cloud, Softline provides a team of certified specialists who are ready to perform all the migration work according to the prepared plan and schedule. The work is provided on a turnkey basis.

Cloud migration services are available in two versions, depending on the composition of the infrastructure.

Migration of heterogeneous infrastructure to the Azure cloud according to the plan and schedule approved in the Cloud Assessment process.

The result

The company's IT infrastructure has been moved to the cloud, and all the transferred workloads (applications, databases, etc.) work the same way as on local servers.

The customer can disable the local infrastructure and work in the cloud.

Migrating legacy versions of SQL Server

Microsoft stopped supporting SQL Server 2008 and 2008 R2 in local environments on July 9, 2019, but Azure will help extend their lifetime. Security updates will be available for free in Azure for SQL Server 2008 and 2008 R2 for three more years: this way you can protect your workloads after support is complete.

This means that Azure is an ideal platform for migrating older versions of SQL Server.

The result

The customer's SQL Server has been completely migrated to the cloud, and it works as a local server and has all the necessary security updates

Stages of migration
to the cloud

As well as in a local environment, you will need to authenticate users and manage access rights. In most cases we implement it using Azure Active Directory: in this case, the action of the local access rights management system simply extends to the cloud. When using a hybrid infrastructure for user convenience, you can implement end-to-end authorization technology.

Warehouse configuring

When moving to the cloud, NAS and SAN systems are replaced with cloud storage that will meet the performance requirements of the migrated workloads. You have a choice of many types of warehouses: managed disks, file storage, object storage, archive data storage, big data storage, etc. We will configure the storage for each workload: performance and access levels, backup, geographic replication, and disaster recovery.

Networks configuration

When you move to the cloud, you will no longer depend on the physical network topology, which makes it easier to connect to it. By migrating applications from your local environment to the cloud, you can easily maintain the same topology and even use the same IP address range. You can also optimize the configuration.

Replication and testing

By creating a copy of the workload in the cloud using the dependency map, we can replicate and run the VMs in the correct order. For example, in a web application, the data source must be available before the application is launched. After creating replicas of the required hosts and configuring storage and network connections, you can start testing. When you are sure that all your systems are working as intended, it is time to make the final transition: start the system in the cloud and stop running the local applications.

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  • If you are thinking about migrating to the cloud, we will help you assess the economic effect, calculate the costs and risk, and make the right decision.
  • If you decide to migrate to the cloud, we will help with migration, provide resources and do the work on a turnkey basis, or we can also reinforce your team.
  • If you are already using Azure, we can help you manage your infrastructure to save your money and time.
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Accompanying services
Migration Readiness Assessment

A comprehensive assessment that helps you calculate the economic feasibility of migration to the cloud if you are considering it.

Manage your Azure infrastructure

Cloud infrastructure management is monitoring, cost optimization and compliance verification if you are already in the cloud.

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