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Assessment of readiness
for cloud

The right decision on the basis of reliable information

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What do we

Softline offers cloud readiness assessment services that will provide you with reliable information concerning your existing environment and its readiness to migrate to the cloud. This will provide you with the information you need to make the right decisions about how, when, and where to migrate individual workloads to the Azure cloud, including including servers, applications, databases, etc. Softline helps clients prepare a plan for migration to the cloud, mitigating possible risks and increasing the efficiency of investments in cloud infrastructure.

Readiness assessment services for cloud migration are available in two versions, depending on the complexity of the infrastructure being evaluated.
Cloud Assessment

Perfectly suitable for

  • - Small and simple local infrastructure (20-40 VM), AD, file servers, simple applications and databases
  • - Migration in the manual mode from Azure (PAYG and EA) to Azure (CSP)

The methods used

  • - Inventory and analysis of local infrastructure
  • - Interviews with stockholders from the client's side

The outcome

  • - The plan for migration to the cloud
  • - TCO analysis
Cloud Assessment

Perfectly suitable for

  • - Organizations with medium or large local infrastructure (40+ VM), as well as complex applications
  • - IaaS services migration to Azure PaaS
  • - Architecture changes

The methods used

  • - Inventory and analysis of local infrastructure
  • - The Azure migration assistant and a third-party tool
  • - Interviews with stockholders from the client's side

The outcome

  • - A complete digital transformation plan
  • - Analysis of dependencies and compatibility
  • - A comprehensive return on investment study for moving to the cloud (TCO/ROI analysis)
Stages of migration
to the cloud
The evaluation procedure involves several phases. First, we discover all the components of the existing local or hybrid infrastructure. Then the application dependencies are analyzed. At this stage, we discover applications running on Windows and Linux, determine the connections between them, the effect of delay in sending and receiving messages on their operation, and create a visualized map of related components. Based on the results obtained, we create migration groups in order of priority, and determine the appropriate approach and optimal cloud configuration for each workload. Now you are ready to migrate to Azure!

Getting information on people, processes and tools

Inventory available infrastructure

Analysis of existing infrastructure and application architecture

Access Gain

Calculation of Current CAPEX and OPEX


Azure Migration Assistant

Data Migration Assistant


Customer Interviews with IT Stakeholders

data analysis

Aligning data and detecting messaging streams

Database application and service dependency analysis

Validate and analyze compatibility using the Azure Compatibility Matrix

TCO optimization for the model*

transition readiness assessment

Cloud Migration Approach

Cloud Migration Plan

Migration schedule

Plan to minimize problems and risks

Migration results and project cost


* only included in the Cloud Assessment Heavy service option
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  • If you are thinking about migrating to the cloud, we will help you assess the economic effect, calculate the costs and risk, and make the right decision.
  • If you decide to migrate to the cloud, we will help with migration, provide resources and do the work on a turnkey basis, or we can also reinforce your team.
  • If you are already using Azure, we can help you manage your infrastructure to save your money and time.
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Accompanying services
Migrate to Azure

Migrating your workload to the cloud, taking into account adaptation and optimization to the cloud architecture, if you plan to migrate to the cloud.

Manage your Azure infrastructure

Cloud infrastructure management is monitoring, cost optimization and compliance verification if you are already in the cloud.

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